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buko mahab-as [bukô maháb-as] (comp. of buko, hab-as) adj Parsimonious; mean; frugal; careful; not heavy handed serving food or money. [lit: not heavy-handed] Si Marit ay buko mahab-as magsukar it kan-on. Marit is not heavy handed in serving food. (sem. domains: - Stingy.)

buko maluho [bukô malúhò] (comp. of buko, maluho) adj Not lavish, extravagant, expensive dresser; doesn't spend a lot on herself. [lit: not lavish] hindi maluho Si Susan ay buko maluho kung magbaro. Susan is not lavish in dressing. (sem. domains: - Stingy.)

buksidor [buksidór] adj Tight fisted with money; mean; stingy. kuripot Karali mag-uswag kag inra pangabuhi dahil kag ida asawa ay buksidor. Their married life prospered easily because his wife is tight fisted with money. (sem. domains: - Stingy.)

ismot [ismót] adj Stingy; mean; selfish. madamot Si Andy ay maismot gitao it abokado. Andy is stingy in giving avocadoes. syn: inak 1. (sem. domains: - Stingy, - Selfish.)