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bulto it bugas [búlto it bugás] (comp. of bulto, bugas) n A sack, bag of rice (which weighs 25 kilos). [lit: sack of rice] bulto ng bigas, isang sakong bigas (sem. domains: - Some.)

gilis [gilís] n Quarter part of an orange, pomelo. isang piraso Ingtaw-an nako si Beth it usang gilis nak kabugaw. I gave Beth a quarter of pomelo. syn: piraso, iwa, idar. (sem. domains: - Piece, - Few, little, - Part, - Some.)

tyupa [tyúpa] (sp. var. chupa) n A measure of about one-and-a-quarter cups, or a small drink can. [This was a traditional measure used for rice.] (sem. domains: - Some.)