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bunot-bunutan [bunot-bunután] v To draw lots (as by any method e.g. picking a piece of paper from a box of papers, rolling dice, drawing straws, spinning a wheel with numbers etc.). (sem. domains: - Cast lots.)

ingpangsapalaran kag inra sarili [ingpangsapalarán kag ínra saríli] v To cast oneself to fate; to take a chance; to risk one’s life. ipinakipagsapalaran ang sarili Kag ida mga tiyo ay ingsapalaran kag inra sarili para sa huli ay mag-ado kag pangabuhi. Their Uncles took a chance so that in the near future their lifestyle would be better. (sem. domains: - Cast lots, - Destiny, 4.4.5 - Chance.)