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bunyag [búnyag] v 1To water plants. (sem. domains: - Irrigate, 1.5.6 - Growth of plants.) 2To baptize (as of any method, but especially infant baptism where water is sprinkled on the child). (sem. domains: 4.9.5 - Practice religion.) 3To initiate, give something a first use or experience of something. (sem. domains: 8.1.1 - Number.) 4To give somebody their first sexual experience, initiation. binyag Si Lino bag-o mag-asawa ay ingbunyagan it usang hostess sa beer house. Lino before he married was given his first sexual experience by a prostitute in a beer garden. (sem. domains: - Female organs, - Male organs.) comp. abunyagan kag baro , der. pabunyag , der. pagbunyag , der. pagpabunyag , id. anak sa bunyag

hos n Siphon; hose. hos (sem. domains: - Conveying water, - Controlling water, - Irrigate.)

pabunyag [pabúnyag] (der. of bunyag) v 1To have, make somebody water plants. (sem. domains: - Irrigate, 6.2.1 - Growing crops.) 2To get, have an infant baptized, christened by a priest or minister (as of by sprinkling water on the child). [This is an initiation ceremony in the Christian church which is performed according to the beliefs of the particular denomination e.g. either sprinkling of infants or immersion of older children and adults.] (sem. domains: - Christianity, 4.9.5 - Practice religion.) comp. badar sa pagpabunyag , der. pagpabunyag

pagpabunyag [pagpabúnyag] (der. of pabunyag, bunyag) n/ger 1Watering of plants by somebody; getting, making somebody water plants. (sem. domains: - Irrigate, 6.2.1 - Growing crops.) 2Baptism, christening of an infant by a priest or minister; getting, having an infant baptized, christened by a priest or minister (as of by the sprinkling of water on the child). (sem. domains: - Christianity, - Religious ceremony, - Religious purification.)

patubi [patubî] (der. of tubi) v To irrigate, have water run somewhere (as of water into a rice paddy prior to planting or running water through a cleaning filter into a reservoir, receptacle). tubig Kag ako tatay ay nagpagto sa tubigan para magpatubi dahil sida ay mabutang it abuno sa masunor nak adlaw. My father went to the wet rice land to let in the water because he was to put on fertilizer the next day. (sem. domains: - Irrigate.)

tubigan [tubígan] n Irrigated rice fields; wet rice farming. palayan Nagpagto ka mangunguma sa tubigan nak magtanomey. The farmer went to the irrigated rice field because it is time to plant. syn: lanas. (sem. domains: - Growing rice, - Irrigate.) der. tubig-tubigan