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buot silinggon [bu-ót silínggon] (comp. of buot, siling) id 1Mean, meaning, mean to say; as if to say; in other words. [lit: will say-to-somebody] ibig sabihin Kag buot silinggon it imo mga maguyang sa pagpiga sa imo sa pakikipaginuman ay adong indi ka magrako nak mayanguhon. What your parents mean in stopping you from drinking with others is that for you not to grow up to be a drunkard. syn: kahulugan, gustong bisayahon. (sem. domains: - Cause, 3.5.3 - Language.) 2The reason. (sem. domains: - Cause.)

e [e] part Sf 1Oh it’s because…you see (as of unexpected contradiction). e Busog pa ako e. It’s because I’m still full you see. (sem. domains: - Cause, 9.2.6 - Particles.) 2Unfortunately (as of regret or sympathy). Igwa’t sakit sida, e. Unfortunately he’s sick. (sem. domains: 4.4.2 - Trouble, 9.2.6 - Particles.)

puno₃ [púnò] n 1Source of something (as of the head of a river where the water comes out of the ground, end of the rainbow where it rises from the ground etc.). puno Kag puno it tubi ay hagto sa tuburan sa bukir. The source of the water is there at a spring in the forest. (sem. domains: - Source (of movement), - River.) 2The foot, base of a mountain (as of where it rises above the ground). (sem. domains: - Mountain.) 3The base, stump of a tree (as of where it comes out of the ground). (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.) 4The closest, beginning end of something (as of the dull end e.g. of a machete, pencil, as opposed to the sharp, pointed, distant úgbos "other end"). (sem. domains: 8.6.7 - End, point.) 5The cause, reason, source, beginning of something (as of an argument or problem). pinasimulan Kag puno it inra inaway ay kwarta. The cause of their quarrel is money. (sem. domains: - Cause.) comp. puno it pana

rason₁ [rasón] n Reasons (as of why something was said or done). dahilan (sem. domains: - Cause.) comp. aber niong rason