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butang [butáng] 1n Thing, object, item. (sem. domains: 9.1.3 - Thing, - Physical, non-physical.) 2v To put, place something somewhere. maglagáy Riin nako ibutang kaling binunakan? Where should I put these washed clothes? (sem. domains: 7.5.9 - Put.) comp. butangan it apro , comp. butangat singsing , comp. buyag sa kalibutanhong mga butang , comp. ibutang sa isip , comp. ibutang sa sarili , comp. mga buhi nak butang , der. butangan , der. ibutang , der. kamutangan , der. pagkamutang

hapyas [hápyas] 1vt To brush against; to stroke; pet something (bird, animal, person). haplos Nabulingan ka ako baro paghapyas it ida yunangon nak damot. My dress got dirty when she brushed it with her muddy hands. syn: hipo-hipo, himas. (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty, - Touch.) 2vt To perform this kind of ritual. haplos, pahid Inghapyas sida ni Tang Guyong. Tang Guyong performed this kind of ritual to her. Ahapyason ni Nang Inday it buhok kag ida pilinas. Nang Inday will rub her hair against her infected wound. [This ritual is done by stroking the person’s body with the leaves of a plant or human hair and mumbling things under one’s breath.] (sem. domains: - Physical, non-physical.) 3n A kind of ritual for healing a sickness that was inflicted by the evil spirit using leaves; to wash, rub with something to give a cure. (sem. domains: - Vision, hallucination, 2.5.5 - Cause of disease.)

ispiritwal [ispíritwal ] (der. of ispirito) adj Spiritual; spiritually (as of non-physical, supernatural, religious matters). ispiritual Kita ay gingpanganak uli sa ispiritual nak parayan sa parayan it Spirito Santo. We have been born again in spiritual ways by means of the Holy Spirit. (sem. domains: 3.1 - Soul, spirit, 4.9 - Religion, - Physical, non-physical.)