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buyan [búyan] n 1(prim) Moon. buwán (sem. domains: - Moon.) 2Month (as of the amount of time measured by one cycle of the moon). (sem. domains: - Month.) comp. hadag it buyan , comp. patunawey kag buyan , comp. tunaw kag buyan , der. binuyan , der. binuyan-buyan , der. buyan-buyan

hadag it buyan [hádag it búyan] (comp. of hadag, buyan) n Light of the moon; moonlight. liwánag ng buwán (sem. domains: - Moon.)

kabilugan [kabilúgan] (der. of bilog) n Full moon. kabilugan (sem. domains: - Moon.)

kamatayan [kamatáyan] n Waning of moon, after full moon. (sem. domains: - Moon.)

kamatyanon [kamatyánon] time No moon; moonless; dark night (as first night after full moon). kamatayan (sem. domains: - Moon, - Less.)

kasiga [kasíga] adj “Pop-eyed” (staring); bright. maliwanag (sem. domains: - Moon, - Bright, - Intelligent, - Shine, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

katunawan [katunáwan] (der. of tunaw) n No moon, moonless; dark time of the month. (sem. domains: - Moon.)

pagsubat n/ger Rising of sun, moon. (sem. domains: - Moon, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

pagsugbo [pagsúgbo] n/ger Setting of sun, moon. (sem. domains: - Moon, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

patunawey kag buyan [patúnawey kag búyan] (comp. of tunaw, buyan) id The waning of the moon (as of when the moon is disappearing after full moon). [lit: towards-dissolve-already the moon] (sem. domains: - Moon.)

sa tungang gab-i [sa túngang gab-i] n Midnight. (sem. domains: - Moon.)

subat₁ [subát] 1n Sunrise; moonrise. Subat it Byernes kami mahalin. We will leave on Friday, by sunrise. (sem. domains: - Moon, 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2vi To rise, as of the sun or moon. pagsikat ng araw Nagsusubat kag adlaw it alas sais. The sun rises at six o’clock. (sem. domains: - Moon, 1.1.1 - Sun.) der. subatan

sugbo₂ [súgbo] (irreg. infl. tunor) 1n Sunset; moonset. (sem. domains: - Moon, 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2v To set, go down especially of the sun, moon. lubog Asing waya pa ikaw napauli sa inra ay diliy ikaw naabutan it pagsugbo it adlaw sa amo. Why haven’t you gone home to your place yet you’ve been caught here at our place by the setting sun. Mapauli ako pagsugbo it adlaw. I’ll go home before sunset. der. sugbuhan

tunaw kag buyan [túnaw kag búyan] (comp. of tunaw, buyan) id No moon (as of the dark time of the month when the moon is absent). [lit: dissolve the moon] pawala na ang buwan Hinganey kono purgaha si Toto kung patunawey kag buyan. They say it’s time to treat Sonny for worms when the full-moon wanes. (sem. domains: - Moon.)

yati₁ [yatî] n New moon. bágong buwán Ingwaey it yati tong usang Domingo. There was already a new moon last week. (sem. domains: - Moon.)