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da-da [dá-dà] 1n Talk, gossip, chatter, chat. (sem. domains: - Gossip, - Speak with others.) 2v To talk, gossip, chatter, chat. tsismis Waya sida’t inghuhuman pag waya kag ida asawa kundi ay magdada. When her husband is out, she has nothing else to do but gossip. syn: tabil 1, tsismis 2, istorya 1, himplo, bisaya 3. (sem. domains: - Gossip, - Speak with others.) der. kada-da

hakla [haklâ] vbt To talk; to chat; to gossip. tsismis Mas ingwa pa sida it oras maghakla kaysa magtrabaho sa inra bayay. She has more time to chat than to work at home. [Vulgar term] (sem. domains: - Gossip.)

kada-da [kadá-dà] (der. of da-da) n The one being talked, chatted, gossiped to; one's talking companion. (sem. domains: - Gossip, - Speak with others.)

kunokuno [kunokúno] adj To make up, spread rumors that are not true. (sem. domains: - Gossip.)

tabil [tabíl] 1vt To talk about somebody (sometimes implies gossiping). Ingtabil nida sa ibang tawo kag problema it ida kayungot. She talked to other people about her neighbor’s problem. syn: tsismis 2, da-da 2, istorya 1, himplo, bisaya 3. 2n Chatterbox as of people who talk a lot. (sem. domains: 3.1.1 - Personality.) 3adj Talkative; gossip; a person who talks ill of somebody. madaldal Tabilan sida kada sida ay natampa it ida tatay. She’s talkative so she was slapped by her father. (sem. domains: 3.1.1 - Personality, - Gossip.)