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di [di] sta 1There is, are; something exists. miron Di iro ruto sa inra bayay. There is a dog at their house. (sem. domains: - Exist.) 2Somebody has, owns something. Di iro ako. I have a dog. (sem. domains: - Have, of.) comp. di diperensya , comp. di dukit , comp. di hilo , comp. di nidog , comp. di number two , comp. di numero , comp. di puyos kag utok , comp. di rapols , comp. di sariling mundo , comp. di suyor kag uyo , comp. di taning

inggwa [ínggwa] (irreg. infl. ingga; irreg. infl. igwa) sta 1There is, are; something exists. (sem. domains: - Exist, 9.1.1 - Be.) 2Somebody has, owns something. (sem. domains: - Own, possess.) comp. baka inggwa sa inro , comp. inggwat itlog , comp. pay inggwat hangin , der. u-inggwa

ingwa sa inro [íngwa sa ínro] idiom - Convert to subentry There is among you. meron sa inyo Igwa sa inro it nagpanakaw it itlog sa pari. There is among you the one who stole eggs from the priest. syn: baka inggwa sa inro, aber sin-o sa inro, sin-o sa inro. (sem. domains: - Become, change state, - Exist, - Have, of.)

pawar-an [pawar-an] (der. of waya) adj 1To let make something disappear, as of emptying a jar of water. (sem. domains: - Exist, - Appear.) 2To make there be none, as of letting money run out, depriving someone of money. (sem. domains: - Spend.)