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didi [dídi] v To mold, shape clay on a wheel with one's hands. syn: padudo. (sem. domains: - Working with clay.)

dihon-dihon [dihon-díhon] v To form, shape, mold by hand using clay to make the likeness of a person, animal or object. Ka paghuman it kuyon ay inadihon-dihon anay. When making a pot you first form the clay. (sem. domains: - Working with clay.)

hulma [húlma] (irreg. infl. hurma) v To shape, form clay to make vessels. purma Bag-o makaporma sina Tiago it kuyon ay inahulma anay kali. Before Tiago’s group could form a pot they first shaped the clay. (sem. domains: 8.3.1 - Shape, - Working with glass, - Working with clay, - Working with metal.)

tadi [tadí] v To fire the earthenware pot. (sem. domains: - Working with clay.)