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diklarasyon [diklarásyon] (der. of diklarar) n 1Official, notarized document or statement about something which would be legally acceptable/binding. (sem. domains: - Witness, testify, 4.7.8 - Legal contract.) 2Notarized ownership papers, bill of sale for a land purchase. (sem. domains: - Land, property, 4.7.8 - Legal contract.) der. padiklarasyon

ebidensya [ebidénsya] n Evidence. ebidensya Ay waya kono sida it ebidensya nak ako it naghilo, kag bisaya it katong tawo. He said “he has no evidence that I was the one who poisoned them,” that was what he said. (sem. domains: - Witness, testify.)

kampi [kámpi] vbt To take somebody’s side; to side with somebody; to be for somebody; to back somebody. kampi Ingkampihan nida kag ida manghor tong makaranó it away. He sided with his younger brother when he got into a fight. syn: kiling 2, apin 2. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth, 2.3.1 - See, - Witness, testify.)

manugpamatu-or [manugpamatú-or] n One who testifies to the truth of something. (sem. domains: - Witness, testify.)

testigo [testígo] n Witness in a court. (sem. domains: - Witness, testify.)

tistego [tistégo] 1n Witness, that give evidence in court. (sem. domains: - Witness, testify.) 2v To witness, give evidence in court. (sem. domains: - Witness, testify.)