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dikta [díkta] v To dictate, demand a certain course of action. Sida it nagdikta kung pila kag presyo it tong ida baktin. She was the one who dictated how much the price of her pig would be. (sem. domains: - Command.)

duminahan kag pagkatawo [duminahán kag pagkatáwo] (comp. of duminante, pagkatawo, tawo) id To dominate his personality (as of a wife who dominates a man resulting in a henpecked husband). [lit: dominate the nature] duminahan ang pagkatao Waya gusto ni Bilshan nak duminahan kag ida pagkatawo it ida asawa. Bilshan doesn’t want his wife to dominate him. (sem. domains: - Command, 4.1.6 - Disunity.)

duminante [duminánte] adj Dominating; dominant (as of a type of person or behavior). (sem. domains: - Command.) comp. duminahan kag pagkatawo

katugon-tugon [katugon-túgon] (der. of tugon) n Strict order. (sem. domains: - Command, 4.3.8 - Change behavior.)