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dikwatro [dikwátro] 1adv Sitting with one’s foot across one’s knee (which is a symbol of arrogance and wealth). Nakadikwatro sidang nag-iingkor. He was sitting with his foot across his knee. (sem. domains: 7.1.2 - Sit, - Social class.) 2v To sit with one’s foot across one’s knee. dekwatro Nag-ingkor sida sa bangko ag nagdikwatro. She sat and placed her foot across her knee. (sem. domains: 7.1.2 - Sit.)

grupo it minurya [grúpo it minúrya] n Minority group. líping minoriyá (sem. domains: - Lack, - Poor, - Race, 6.8.3 - Share wealth, - Belong to an organization, - Social class.)

mababa kag pagmuyat [mababâ kag pagmúyat] (comp. of baba, muyat) id To despise, look down on, be condescending in attitude towards somebody. [lit: low the looking] mababa ang pagtingin Mababa kag pagmuyat it mga tawo sa mga hostess. People look down on prostitutes. (sem. domains: - Social class.)