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disel [dísel] n Diesel; distillate (as of the petroleum product used in jeepneys, buses and four wheel drive vehicles etc.). (sem. domains: - Oil.)

esperma [espérma] n Paraffin wax (Spanish). (sem. domains: - Oil.)

gas n Kerosene. gas Aya ninro gibub-an kinang gas nak abang mahay busa. Don’t pour that kerosene because its really expensive. syn: petrulyo. (sem. domains: - Oil.)

gotgot₁ [gótgot] n Fire-lighting sticks (two slats of bamboo). Kaling gutgot ay ruhang kuwadan nak inakiskis sa usa ag usa. These fire-lighting sticks are two pieces of bamboo which are rubbed one on the other. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, 5.5.1 - Light a fire, - Oil, 5.5.5 - What fires produce, 5.5 - Fire.)

grasa [grása] n Grease. grasa Ingpahiran nida’t grasa kag bisikleta. He wiped some grease on his bicycle. (sem. domains: - Oil.)

kiwót [kiwót] n Bees wax, honeycomb. putyukan Karamong kiwot nak nabaoy si Elmo sa bungkag. Elmo got many wild bees wax from the forest. (sem. domains: - Oil.)

krudo [krúdo] n 1Crude oil (as of the liquid petroleum product used in some machines e.g. pumpboats etc.). krudo Indi pwede nak gasolina kag gamiton dili sa ida dahil nak krudo kali kag gamit. Gasoline can’t be used in his jeep because this one uses diesel. (sem. domains: - Oil.) 2Used oil from machines (as of is mixed with anti-termite insecticide and painted on house posts and electricity poles etc.). (sem. domains: - Oil.)

lana [lána] 1n Oil from coconut (used for cooking, lighting and medicine). syn: langis 1. (sem. domains: - Growing coconuts, - Oil, - Cooking oil.) 2vbt To make coconut oil. langis Alanahon ni Ressie kag kinurkor nak nidog. Ressie will make into oil the shredded coconut. syn: buyo-tai. (sem. domains: - Cooking oil.)

mantika [mantíka] 1n Oil for cooking (as of any manufactured vegetable oil other than coconut). mantika (sem. domains: - Oil, - Cooking oil.) 2v To make cooking oil from fat etc.. (sem. domains: - Cooking oil, - Cooking methods.) der. mantika-on , der. mantikilya

mantika-on [mantiká-on] (der. of mantika) adj Oily (as of any refined vegetable oil other than coconut). (sem. domains: - Oil, - Cooking oil.)

talo [tálo] n Beeswax. (sem. domains: - Oil.)