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dukot₁ [dúkot] 1v To be kidnapped, abducted by somebody. (sem. domains: - Kidnap.) 2vt To have one's pocket picked by somebody. (sem. domains: - Steal.) der. mandurukot , der. pangdukot

gotgot₂ [gótgot] v To untie, undo slowly with a sharp instrument. hiwa Inggotgot it priso kag kadenang nakahigot sa ida. With a knife the prisoner slowly undid the chain which tied him to him. (sem. domains: - Amputate, - Weapon, shoot, - Bribe, 4.3.6 - Self-controlled, - Eating utensil, - Take by force, - Mistake, - Steal, - Cooking utensil, 6.7.1 - Cutting tool.)

ingtakas kag kwarta [ingtákas kag kwárta] id To run away with embezzled, stolen money. itinakas ang pera Ingtakas kag kwarta it tong kahera sa bangko. The cashier used money to run away from the bank. (sem. domains: - Extort money, - Take by force, - Steal.)

kamkam [kámkam] 1vt To go around touching things; messing things up. Ingpangkamkam nida kag mga butang sa lamesa. He messed up the things on the table. (sem. domains: - Untidy.) 2adj To always be touching or stealing things. malikot ang kamay Ingpriso katong eskwelang kamkaman it damot. The pupil who steals things was imprisoned. (sem. domains: - Bribe, - Steal.)

katoy₂ [katóy] adj Thieving; light fingered (lit: itchy hand); 'clepto' (cleptomaniac). makati ang kamay Ikaw talaga, abang katoy it napagor no! Oh really, you are a thieving character aren’t you! (sem. domains: - Steal.)

mandurukot₂ [mandurúkot] (der. of dukot) n 1Kidnapper. (sem. domains: - Kidnap.) 2Pickpocket. (sem. domains: - Steal.)

panakaw [panákaw] (der. of takaw) v To steal, thieve things. (sem. domains: - Steal.)

pangdukot [pangdúkot] (der. of dukot) v 1To kidnap, abduct somebody. (sem. domains: - Kidnap.) 2To pick pockets of people. (sem. domains: - Steal.)

takaw [tákaw] v To steal, thieve things. (sem. domains: - Steal.) der. mananakaw , der. panakaw

yungat [yúngat] v To steal coconut wine from the tree, rob the liquid sap from coconut and other palms to make an alcoholic drink (i.e. tuba). Padalupig ako, raog pa’t kag ako’y yinagor ni Tatang Bisoy it kag magpangyungat sa Buoy. I ran, like I was the thief being chased by Uncle Bisoy when he was stealing coconut wine from his trees at Buoy. (sem. domains: - Steal.)