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ergo [érgo] v To have a slight disagreement. Kag mga maguyang ay naergo anay bag-o magsugot kung mapanaw kag inra anak. The parents had a slight disagreement before giving consent for their children to go out. (sem. domains: - Disagree.)

iling [ilíng] vbt To shake head sideways. umilíng Asi arang nag-iiling sida sa ako? Why do you think is she shaking her head sideways at me? (sem. domains: - Refuse to do something, - Disagree, - Agree with someone.)

kagut-ayan [kagut-áyan] n Disagreement. alitan Naghaba pa kag inra kagut-ayan dahil sa parti sa duta. Their disagreement went on for a long time because of dividing up the land. (sem. domains: - Disagree.)

kamal-an [kamál-an] v To mistakenly think something. kamalan Ako napagkamalan sida nak si Nene. I mistakenly thought she was Girlie. (sem. domains: - Disbelief, - Disagree, - Think about, 3.2 - Think.)