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esti-esti [esti-ésti] v To put up a fuss, tantrum, turn, before accepting anything. Tong ida anak ay napaesti-esti anay bag-o kumaon. Her child puts up a fuss before eating. (sem. domains: - Reject.)

halaga [halagá] 1n Worth; value; importance. halaga Waya’t halaga sa ida kag ako bulig. My help has no worth for her. (sem. domains: - Important, - Value.) 2adj Important, valuable. Mahalaga nak magbasa kita’t Bibliya. It’s important that we read the Bible. (sem. domains: - Important.) 3vi To value something. Waya nida gipapahalagahi kag ako ingtao sa ida. She didn’t value what I gave her. syn: bali7, bakwi 2. (sem. domains: - Reject, 3.3.5 - Offer, - Value, - Accept.)

ihig₂ [ihíg] v To reject, pick on a family member; to oppress; to show rejection towards somebody in a family. api Naglayas tong maguyang nak anak dahil ing-ihig it ida madrasta. His eldest child stowed away because he was rejected by his step-mother. (sem. domains: - Reject, - Oppress.)

itsapuyra [itsapúyra] (sp. var. itsapwera) vt To reject; ostracize (as for obvious emotion or forcible or physical rejection of somebody.) itsa pwera Aitsapuyrahon it taga ibang lugar kag pagbakay it ato linugit dahil maisot it pakinabang. People from other countries will reject buying our copra because they get little benefit from it. (sem. domains: - Reject.)