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ey [ey] part 1Already completed; now, right now (as of the timing of an event). [attached enclitic] na Nakakaoney ako. I’ve already eaten. Nakikitaey kita. We can see eachother now. Igwaey sida it bugas. She already has rice. Tatloey ka ida mga anak. She already has three children. Hagtoey sinra. They’re already there. (sem. domains: - Past.) 2(No) more; (not) now; (none) left; (no) any longer. Wayaey gitatrabaho si Manuel ruto. Manuel is not working there any more. Ayaey gikaon kamo. Don’t you eat now. Wayaey ako it bugas. I have no rice left. (sem. domains: 8.4.7 - Continue, persevere, 8.1.4 - More.) 3This one (as of specifying a person, place, time or quality). (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.) 4Now (as of specifiying a particular time). (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time.) comp. ariey , comp. asensoy , comp. aya ako giistoryahe papagto ka pa yang pabalikey ako , comp. ayosey , comp. badaey , comp. bahalaey galing sa punta it lapis , comp. bahalaey sinra sa inra sariling kabuhi , comp. bangkilaney , comp. batiey , comp. busogey kag ako waswit , comp. disyembrey , comp. , comp. ibasey , comp. kabahawey , comp. magaey , comp. nabay-aney , comp. pa...ey , comp. paanakoney , comp. pabad-ey! , id. bayoey ka kuol

ligar [lígar] 1vi To go past, beyond, as of travel, time. Wayang gador sida nagsuyat sa ako aber katong nagligar nak tuig. She didn’t write me even during the year that passed by. (sem. domains: 8.1.4 - More.) 2vbt nakalipas, nagdaan

lipas [lípas] 11.1vbt To pass over, bypass, overlook. lampasan Amo tan-a si Joy alipasan kung waya namo sida nakita. We would have passed Joy over had we not seen her. Nagutas kag anak sa eskwelahan dahil nalipasan sida it gutom. The child fainted in school because she missed her meal. (sem. domains: 8.1.4 - More.) 22.1v To overcome. Malilipasan rang gador nato kaling mga kahirapan. We shall overcome these hardships. (sem. domains: - Solve a problem.) 33.1vbt To pass by, beyond as of time to eat, sleep etc. nakaraan Pag nalipas kag ako katuyugon, indiey ako makatuyugan. When my sleepness passes, I no longer feel sleepy. Tong naglipas nak semana, ingtakuran kag amo bayay it koriente. This past week our house was attached to the electrical power. (sem. domains: 5.2.2 - Eat, 2.4.5 - Rest.) 44.1vbt To ignore; to let something pass by (as of somebody’s comment or time). Inapalipas yang nako kag ida bisaya. I just ignored what she said. Nagutas kag anak sa eskwelahan dahil nalipasan sida it gutom. The child fainted in school because he missed her meal. (sem. domains: - Ignore.)

pangyamihay [pangyamihay] adj Too many to cope with. (sem. domains: - Many, much, 8.1.4 - More.)