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garden [gárden] (irreg. infl. hardin) 1n Garden. (sem. domains: - Growing flowers, - Yard.) 2vt To make a garden. maghaláman, halamanan, harden Ako agardenon kaling bakanting lote. I’ll make a garden on this vacant lot. (sem. domains: - Growing flowers, - Yard.)

ilang-ilang₁ n The flowers are used as beads for necklaces made of the flowers of sampaguita, strung on abaca threads. A very high grade of oil is obtained by extracting the flowers with petroleum ether. Oil is used in the perfumery industry. ilang-ilang cananga Odorata (sem. domains: - Growing flowers.)

ilang-ilang₂ [ilang-ílang] n Yellow flowering plant. Kabangyo kag buyak nak ilang-ilang. The flower with yellow color has a sweet smell. (sem. domains: - Growing flowers.)

kabuyakan [kabuyákan] (der. of buyak) n Flower garden. (sem. domains: - Growing flowers.)

kamantigi [kamantigî] n Plant with small white flower. Nagtanom it kamantigi si Norma pero namatay. Norma planted the small white flowering plant but it died. (sem. domains: - White, 8.2.1 - Small, - Growing flowers.)

tanom₂ [tanóm] 1n Plants (as of a general term for all vegetation). (sem. domains: 1.5 - Plant.) 2n Plant; herb; shrub; bush (as of anything that of a medium size between grass and trees). (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.) 3v To plant. magtaním Itanom nako ling buyak sa gardin. I’ll plant this flowers in the garden. (sem. domains: - Growing flowers.) comp. matatamnaney it gayabon kag imo liog , comp. mga parti it tanom , comp. tanom sa isip , der. itanom , der. pagkatanom , der. paninanom , der. tanom , der. tanuman