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gotgot₂ [gótgot] v To untie, undo slowly with a sharp instrument. hiwa Inggotgot it priso kag kadenang nakahigot sa ida. With a knife the prisoner slowly undid the chain which tied him to him. (sem. domains: - Amputate, - Weapon, shoot, - Bribe, 4.3.6 - Self-controlled, - Eating utensil, - Take by force, - Mistake, - Steal, - Cooking utensil, 6.7.1 - Cutting tool.)

ingtakas kag kwarta [ingtákas kag kwárta] id To run away with embezzled, stolen money. itinakas ang pera Ingtakas kag kwarta it tong kahera sa bangko. The cashier used money to run away from the bank. (sem. domains: - Extort money, - Take by force, - Steal.)

kag isra ay indi marakop sa ibang parti it yawas k... [kag isrâ ay índì marakóp sa ibáng párti it yáwas k] id Fish are not caught by another part of it’s body except just by his own mouth (ie, a person is caught out by his own words). (sem. domains: - Take by force.)

mandurukot₁ [mandurúkot] (der. of dukot) n Holdupper (as of a person who mugs, holds somebody up and robs them). (sem. domains: - Take by force.)