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griyego [Griyégo] (dial. var. grigo) adj Greek. Kag mga Griyego ay mga kainisog nak tawo. The Greeks are brave men. (sem. domains: - Inherit, - Heart, - Related by birth, 2.2.5 - Bleed, blood, 4.1.9 - Kinship.)

kasuyatan [kasuyátan] n Will. kasulatan (sem. domains: - Inherit, - Record.)

mana [mána] (irreg. infl. pamaoy) n Inherited, genetic traits from one's parent. (sem. domains: - Inherit.) der. pamanahan

ni singko waya ka it mababaton halin sa ako [ni síngko wayâ ka it mababáton halín sa ákò] say When I die you'll receive, inherit nothing from me! (as of a parent scolding a child with the threat of being disinherited). [lit: not even five centavos will you receive from me] (sem. domains: - Inherit, - Word.)

pamanahan [pamanáhan] (der. of mana) n Inheritance to leave to someone. (sem. domains: - Inherit.)

panubli [panúblì] 1n Inheritance. pamana 2vt To inherit wealth, property from someone who dies. To hand- me- down, second hand clothes from another. pamana Ausa yang sida nak nagpanubli it kadutaan it ida mga maguyang. She’s the only one who inherited the landholdings of her parents. (sem. domains: - Inherit.) 3vt T der. panublion