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gulong [gulóng] n Tire; wheel. gulong (sem. domains: - Vehicle, - Pull, - Move in a circle, - Put in back, - Put in front.)

urong [úrong] vt 1To go, move backward; to reverse, withdraw, back away from (as of walking backwards). urong Urongan baga kinaong bangko sa habig. Can you move backward the chair in the corner. (sem. domains: - Move back.) 2To move something backwards, further away (as of moving a chair further back). (sem. domains: - Put in back.) 3To postpone, move a date back or away until a later time. urong Ing-urong kono kag miting dahil ya pa giabot si Mayor. They say the meeting has been postponed because the Mayor hasn’t arrived yet. syn: atras 1. (sem. domains: - Postpone.)