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gusla [gúslà] 1adj Hungry. (vulgar term) (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty.) 2vi To feel hungry. gutom Nagpangruwang ako sa inro dahil inaguslaey gador ako. I just had something to eat in your place because I feel very hungry now. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty.)

gusmak [gúsmak] adj Hungry. (vulgar term) Gusmakey gador tanan nak trabahador pero waya pa naabot tong inra bayon. The workers are now hungry but their packed lunch has not arrived yet. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty.)

gutom [gutóm] 1adj Hungry. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty.) 2vi To feel hungry. gutóm Inagutom ako ngasing dahil nagyagtor it paning-ugto. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty.) der. tigkagutom

hidlon [hídlon] 1adj Dry throat. uhaw (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty, 2.2.3 - Spit, saliva, - Mouth.) 2vi To have difficulty swallowing because the food is all dry (as after eating dry food and needing water to drink); to desire liquid for a dry throat. To feel something is very hard to swallow. Nahidlonan sida sa ida paning-ugto nak puro uga-uga. She had difficulty in swallowing all the dry food she has for lunch. (sem. domains: - Disappointed.)

hilab₁ [hílab] 1vi To feel hungry; hunger pangs (i.e. movement in diaphragm area). Kada ka inghihilaban sa klase ay waya ka gipapamahaw bag-o magpaeskwelahan. You feel hungry in class because you don’t have breakfast before coming to school. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty, - Mercy.) 2vbt To have some discomfort in the diaphragm area. hilab Asing naghihilab kag imo suyok-suyok? Why are you having some discomfort in your diaphragm? (sem. domains: - Stomach.)

kalbong [kálbong] v To eat something without permission; to take more than one’s share. nagbungkal ng pagkain Kag amo anak ay nagpangkalbong it gab-i habang kami ay katuyog. Our child ate food without permission last night while we were asleep. syn: ruwang. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty, 5.2.2 - Eat, - Refuse permission.)

kayas-ay [kayas-áy] adj Poor appetite. walang gana Tuna magkasakit si Norma ay kayas-ayey kag ida pagkaon. Since Norma got sick she has a poor appetite for food. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty, - Manner of eating.)

nalipasan it gutom [nalipásan it gútom] v To pass one's mealtime; to go too long without a meal, food. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty.)

nayuktan [nayúktan] v To suffer from hunger, starvation. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty.)

uhaw [úhaw] v To be thirsty. uháw Kung mauhaw kamo ay inom. If you’re thirsty, drink. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty.)