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habig [hábig] 1loc Side of something, such as a road. syn: piliw, balisbisan, rugo 2. (sem. domains: - Beside.) 2vi To go to the side of. Nagpahabig sida pagrayan it dyip. She went to the side of the street when the jeep passed by. (sem. domains: - Move sideways.) 3vbt To put something on, to the side of something. tabí Ingpahabig ninra kag mga bato sa karsada. They put the stones on the side of the street. (sem. domains: - Put aside.) der. habig-habig

isrog [ísrog] 1vi To move over; to slide over. Dahil masiot sa ingkoran, nag-islog-islog ako sa habig. I moved a little over the side of the bench because it is nearly crowded. (sem. domains: 7.2 - Move, - Move sideways.) 2vt To slide something over. usod Ato aisrugon kaling lamesa isag. We will slide over this table later. (sem. domains: - Move sideways.)

pangburdahe [pangburdáhe] (der. of burdahe) v To go in a round about route, way or right round the edge instead of directly in a straight line (as of on any vehicle, or a person's travel). (sem. domains: 7.3.8 - Transport, - Move sideways.)

tuplik [túplik] v To fall sideways. (sem. domains: - Move sideways.)