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hadahay [hadáhay] adj Refreshing (as of wind). Mahadahay kag hangin nak nagsusuyor sa amo kwarto. The wind that comes into our room is refreshing. (sem. domains: - Think about, 2.4.5 - Rest, - Remind, - Intelligent, 3.2.1 - Mind, 3.2.6 - Remember, - Recognize.)

hanrumanan [hanrumánan] n An heirloom; a gift to remember one’s ancestors; a remembrance of somebody. ala-ala (sem. domains: 3.2.6 - Remember.)

itsura [itsúra] 1n Appearance; expression; features. pagmumúkhà (sem. domains: - Appearance.) 2vbt To remember, recognize somebody by his appearance. Ako sida maiitsurahan pag ako sida makita liwat. I will be able to recognize him if I’ll see him again. (sem. domains: 3.2.6 - Remember.)

pabilin sa isip [pabílin sa ísip] (comp. of pabilin, isip) n Something kept in one's mind. [lit: make-remain in mind] (sem. domains: 3.2.6 - Remember.)

tanom sa isip [tanóm sa ísip] (comp. of tanom, isip) v To keep in mind; to remember. [lit: plant in the mind] (sem. domains: - Memorize, 3.2.6 - Remember.)