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hakbot [hákbot] vbt To quickly grab, snatch, seize something. hablot Ahakbuton nako tong isra ni Sam sa planggana. I’ll grab Sam’s fish out of the basin. Inghakbot it tong mananakaw kag bag it tong mayamang kabade. The thief snatched the bag of the rich woman. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere, 5.5.2 - Tend a fire, - Kidnap.)

init [ínit] 1v To hatch eggs, as in a hen sitting on eggs. (sem. domains: - Egg.) 2vt To heat something up such as water, food. Mainit ako it tubi bag-o mapanghugas. I’ll heat the water before washing dishes. Ing-init nako kag sinanrok sa amo. I heated up the food she shared with us. (sem. domains: 5.5.2 - Tend a fire.) 3adj Hot; warm. Mainit kag panahon ngasing. The weather is hot now. Kag kape nida ay mainit pa. His coffee is still hot. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather.) 4n Heat. init Inaliyuhan ako dahil sa init. I’m dizzy because of the heat. Abuhion it Ginoo kag ato kainit sa pagserbisyo sa ida. The Lord will revive our zeal in serving Him. (sem. domains: 1.1.3 - Weather.) 5vbt To shine on (ie; the sun). Ingiinitan it adlaw kag amo buyak. The sun is shining on our flowers. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 6vi To feel hot or warm; to be feverish. Inainitan ako dahil sa ako suksok. What I’m wearing is making me feel hot. Tan-a makainit insulip. I hope it will become warm tomorrow. Nagkainit kag anak it gab-i The child became feverish last night. Nainit kag ida uyo pag magulo kag mga anak. He loses his temper when the children are noisy. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) der. mainiton it uyo

kimpit [kímpit] 1n Tongs. kimpit (sem. domains: 5.5.2 - Tend a fire.) 2vt To lift, hold something with tongs. pangsipit, pang-ipit Ingkimpit nako kag kayado pag-agwat. I held the fire with tongs when I remove some of it from the stove. Ikimpit nako kaling kwadan rutong nahuyog nak bolpen sa yunang. I’ll use this bamboo as tongs in lifting the ballpen that fell on the mud.

suplador [supládor] n Bamboo tube to blow onto fire. (sem. domains: 5.5.2 - Tend a fire.)

ungkag [úngkag] v To pull, remove firewood from the main fire so that it dies down. (sem. domains: 5.5.2 - Tend a fire.)