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hamon₁ [hámon] v To challenge, dare somebody to do something (as of showing one’s ability, to challenge to a game or fight). hamon Ginghamon ni Euly si Poncing it idamo nak chess. Euly challenged Poncing to a chess game. (sem. domains: - Risk, - Revenge, 4.8.2 - Fight, - Brave, - Attack.)

inggwat itlog [ínggwa't itlóg] (comp. of inggwa, itlog) id Has guts, courage, fortitude especially of a man (lit: has balls). may bayag Si Orvil ay inggwa’t itlog nak ida naasawa tong anak it ida mayamang amo. Orvil had guts when he was able to marry that child of his rich employer. (sem. domains: - Brave.)

isuga kag imo sarili [isúga kag ímo saríli] id Be brave, strong, encouraged! lakasan mo ang iyong loob Tong mabyuda si Darling siling ni Rose ay isuga kag imo sarili nak inggwa ka pa it mga anak nak nabilin. When Darling became a widow Rose said to be brave, you still have some children left. (sem. domains: - Brave.)