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hanay [hánay] vt To reserve; to save up something; to set aside for a purpose (as of money, food). laan Kaling tahaw nak pagkaon ay ihanay nako para sa kalag. I will reserve these food offerings for the souls of the dead. syn: tigana, laan 2.1, yain, tura 1, sobra 1. (sem. domains: 5.2 - Food, - Set self apart.)

kaisog it hitsura [ka-ísog it hitsúra] id Aloof (lit: tough appearance). Kaisog it hitsura sida kada waya’t mga amigo. She is aloof that’s why she has no friends. (sem. domains: - Independent person, - Set self apart, - Unfriendly.)

kalis₁ [kalís] vbt To remove the excess from the top of a container (as of heaped rice). kalis Ingkalis ni Ami kag sobrang bugas sa gantangan. Ami removed the excess rice from the top of the container. (sem. domains: - Take something out of something, - Set self apart.)

kauya [kauyá] adj Aloof; standoffish. iyakin Tong anak ni Tess ay kauya baga paunoy waya ra sida permi nakikita. Tess’s child is very aloof that’s because she doesn’t often see me. (sem. domains: - Alone, - Set self apart.)

mayado [mayadô] (der. of yado) 1loc Far, far away; distant. maláyò Mayado kag ako binata. My boyfriend is far away. (sem. domains: - Far.) 2adj Distant, cool, aloof, indifferent (as of feelings or attitude towards somebody). (sem. domains: - Separate, alone, - Set self apart, - Far.)

rabuno [rabunô] expression - Convert to subentry An expression of one’s pity; regret for something. kawawa naman Tong anak rabuno ay naipit it tong abang tulin nak sasakyan. What a pity for the child because he was run over by the speedy vehicle. (sem. domains: - Set self apart.)

rugunon [rugunón] (der. of rugo) adj Being a spectator; being one who stands in the corner or on the sidelines (as of one who doesn't participate, get involved with people, games and activities). ?? (sem. domains: - Set self apart, - Watch.)