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hangar [hangár] 1vbt To look up to, admire, hold in esteem, respect. tingala Naghangar sida kada ida nakita kag pugar it pispis. She looked up so she saw the bird’s nest. (sem. domains: 4.3.2 - Admire someone, - Popular, - Like, love.) 2vt To aspire to; desire to be, do. hangad Naghahangar sida nak mapasahan kag eksamen. She’s aspiring to pass the examination. Ahangaron nako kag pagraog sa butuhan. A am aspiring to victory in the election. syn: hanrom 1, timyas. (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want, - Win.)

puya₁ [puyá] 1n The color red. pulá (sem. domains: - Colors of the spectrum.) 2vi To become, turn red in color. Nagpupuya kag taliuyang pag inayuto. The lobster becomes red when it’s cooked. (sem. domains: - Colors of the spectrum, - Change color.) 3adj Symbol of anger (as of when one's skin goes red). (sem. domains: - Angry.) 4adj Symbol of happiness, celebration, courage, bravery, victory. (sem. domains: - Happy, - Celebrate, - Win, - Confident.) 5v To be in heat specifically of an animal (as of when the vagina turns red). (sem. domains: 1.6.7 - Male and female animals, 1.6.3 - Animal life cycle.) der. pamuya

tudas [túdas] vt 1To win, gain victory, make a clean sweep of the opposition (as of in a gambling game). nanalo Nagtudas sida sa sugay. He won in gambling. (sem. domains: - Win.) 2To kill, wipe out, do away with all one's opposition or enemies (as of taking revenge on the family of one's enemy). pinatay Ingtudas ninra tong mga hali it inra kaaway. They killed the relatives of their enemies. (sem. domains: - Kill.)