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hanggang dili yangey [hanggáng díli yangéy] idiom - Convert to subentry That’s all I have to say; I’ll close now; farewell (as in ending a letter). Hanggang dili yangey kag ako gustong ipaabot sa inro. That’s just all I have to say to all of you. (sem. domains: - Listen.)

intyendi₁ [intyéndi] vt To see about something; to take care of, attend to a matter, business; to be concerned about or involved in something. TWO ENTRIES intindi Ingwa ako it aintindihon sa Odiongan. I have some business to attend to in Odiongan. Nagyadong kag buyak dahil waya it nag-iintindi sa pagbunyag. The flowers wilted because there was no one to attend to watering them. Waya ako it aintindihon hina. I have no concern in that. Kag amo Pastor ay imaw nak gador it nag-intindi it pagpakotkot sa yuyubngan ni Tatay. Our Pastor was the one who really attended to the digging of Father’s grave. [This included to attend to the burial needs of one’s elders.] (sem. domains: - Listen, - Attention.)