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hapaw-hapaw [hapaw-hápaw] 1adv Lightly done; superficial; on the surface only; not firmly rooted or grounded. Hapaw-hapaw kag ako katuyog it gab-i dahil maramo kag ako inaisip. I slept lightly last night because I was thinking about many things. Hapaw-hapaw kag ida pagguya sa ako dahil hangit sida sa ako. Her smile to me was superficial because she’s angry with me. (sem. domains: - To a small degree, - Selfish.) 2vt To do something superficially; to slack off. Naghapaw-hapaw yang sida it trabaho dahil waya kag ida amo. She slacked off in her work when her boss wasn’t around. (sem. domains: - Shy, timid, - Disappointed.)

inak [ínak] 1adj Selfish, mean, unmerciful. syn: ismot. (sem. domains: - Selfish.) 2vbt To be selfish, withhold, not share something with somebody. madamot Ing-iinakan ako it suya sa amo. At home, they are not sharing the viand with me. (sem. domains: - Selfish.) comp. buko ma-inak , der. mainak

ismot [ismót] adj Stingy; mean; selfish. madamot Si Andy ay maismot gitao it abokado. Andy is stingy in giving avocadoes. syn: inak 1. (sem. domains: - Stingy, - Selfish.)

isnak [isnák] adj Selfish, mean. (sem. domains: - Selfish.)

isnák [isnák] n Selfish, mean. (sem. domains: - Selfish.)

ka-u-isnak [ka-u-isnák] n Selfish, very (sem. domains: - Selfish.)

mainak [ma-ínak] (der. of inak) adj 1Selfish; mean; possessive; withholds good things. Syn: maismot, hakog 1. (sem. domains: - Selfish.) 2Slipping off, hanging from a spoon; hard to scoop up into a spoon (as of slippery long noodles). (sem. domains: - Extra, - Smooth, - Prepared food.)