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hapaw-hapaw [hapaw-hápaw] 1adv Lightly done; superficial; on the surface only; not firmly rooted or grounded. Hapaw-hapaw kag ako katuyog it gab-i dahil maramo kag ako inaisip. I slept lightly last night because I was thinking about many things. Hapaw-hapaw kag ida pagguya sa ako dahil hangit sida sa ako. Her smile to me was superficial because she’s angry with me. (sem. domains: - To a small degree, - Selfish.) 2vt To do something superficially; to slack off. Naghapaw-hapaw yang sida it trabaho dahil waya kag ida amo. She slacked off in her work when her boss wasn’t around. (sem. domains: - Shy, timid, - Disappointed.)

hidlon [hídlon] 1adj Dry throat. uhaw (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty, 2.2.3 - Spit, saliva, - Mouth.) 2vi To have difficulty swallowing because the food is all dry (as after eating dry food and needing water to drink); to desire liquid for a dry throat. To feel something is very hard to swallow. Nahidlonan sida sa ida paning-ugto nak puro uga-uga. She had difficulty in swallowing all the dry food she has for lunch. (sem. domains: - Disappointed.)

hinayang [hináyang] v To resent; to be disappointed. Si Neneng ay naghinayang nak waya gador sinra nagkainggwa it sariling anak. Neneng was so disappointed because they haven’t got a child of their own. (sem. domains: - Disappointed, - Lonely, - Sad.)

imat [imát] v To prepare oneself for trouble; to feel tense prior to a difficult experience. naghahanda Ing-iimat kag mga sundalong alusubon it mga rebelde. The soldiers prepared themselves for when the rebels would attack. (sem. domains: - Disappointed, - Discontent.)

kag tawo nak mahirap gipukawon ay kag tawo nak dat... [kag táwo nak mahírap gipukáwon ay kag tawo nak dát] say It’s hard to renew the interest of somebody who was previously interested but has let their interest wane (lit:‘the hardest person to awaken is the person who had woken up previously’ as of somebody who is immune to the importance of a known truth). ang taong mahirap gisingin ay ang taong dati ng gising (sem. domains: - Disappointed, - Lose consciousness.)

kanugon [kanúgon] 1excl What a waste; that's regretable; “Too bad”; that's disappointing. (sem. domains: - Disappointed.) 2adj Something which isn’t good to lose, waste; “Too bad”; wasteful; disappointing. Regretful. Kanugon kag ida relo nak nawagit. Her lost wristwatch was something not worth losing. syn: sayang 3. (sem. domains: - Disappointed.) 3vt To waste something; to feel sorry for the loss of something.Having some worth, value. sayang Ingkanugunan nida kag ida mga buyak nak nagkasira. She felt sorry for the flowers that were destroyed. (sem. domains: - Disappointed, - Waste.)

panghayhay [pangháyhay] vi To feel weary, desperate due to losses. nanlambot Nagpanghayhay kag ako amiga dahil wayaey sida’t trabaho. My friend is feeling weary because she lost her job. Nagpanghayhay sida katong wayaey it kwarta. She felt desperate when she had no more money. (sem. domains: - Disappointed, 2.4.4 - Tired.)

takingking [takíngking] (dial. var. balingling) v 1To tip dangerously to one side, as of a boat on a rough sea; to be in a lopsided position; to try to keep one’s balance. kiling Nagtaking-king kag “Manila City” nak barko sa kabug-at. The boat “Manila City” tipped dangerously to one side because of the heavy load. (sem. domains: - Boat.) 2To be disconcerted; to be thrown off balance; to be thrown for a loop (as of figurative usage). Kung ingtakaw tan-a nida kag ako bayon nak kwarta ay matakingking dahil waya ako’t agastuhon. If he had managed to steal the money I brought I’d have been thrown for a loop because I’d have had nothing to spend. (sem. domains: - Disappointed.)