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hayhat [háyhat] adj Snobbish, proud. mapagmataas Abang hayhat tong ida unang nobya. His first girlfriend was very snobbish. (sem. domains: - Proud, - Despise someone.)

marako kag ako buho it ilong [marakô kag ákò búhò it ilóng] (comp. of rako, buho, ilong) say I'll become proud, "get a swelled head" (as of a saying when one is praised). [lit: get-big my hole of nose] (sem. domains: - Proud.)

mataas it ihi [matáas it íhì] (comp. of taas, ihi) adj Proud; haughty (as of from the idea of "aiming high" when a boy is urinating). [lit: high of urine] mayabang Indi sinra magkaruntoy dahil pareho ra sinrang mataas it ihi. They don’t agree with each other because they are both haughty. (sem. domains: - Proud.)

matinaas-taason [matina-as-ta-áson] (der. of taas) adj Proud; high minded; acting superior; being high and mighty. (sem. domains: - Proud.)

panghinawakan [panghinawakán] (der. of hawak) v To put hands on one's waist with elbows out, as a stance showing arrogance, pride, wealth. (sem. domains: - Proud.)

paubos [pa-ubós] (der. of ubos) 1dir Down, downwards. (sem. domains: - Down.) 2vbt To go downstairs. (sem. domains: - Move down.) 3vbt To humble oneself; to put somebody else down. pakumbaba Mapaubos ka sa imo isigkatawo agor itataas ikaw it Dios. Be humble before your fellowmen so that God will exalt you. Nagpaubos yang ako pagbisaya nida sa ako kada ngasing sida’t nahuhuda sa ako. I put myself down when she scolded me so now, she’s ashambed to me. Ingpaubos ako it ako kaibahan sa trabaho dahil indi nida gustong mayapawan. I was put down by my companion at work because she didn’t want to be surpassed. (sem. domains: - Humble.) 4vbt To put somebody down (as of saying bad things or making them look incapable, insignificant or bad). (sem. domains: - Proud, 3.2.1 - Mind.) der. mapainubuson , der. pagpaubos