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himas [hímas] vt To stroke, to pet something (spec. of a chicken but other animals also); tame a chicken by always stroking it. himas Permi inghihimas nida kag ida buyangan agor maanar. He’s always stroking his fighting cock so it will be tamed. Ahimasan nida si Johnny it manok nak pangbuyang. He will tame the fighting cock for Johnny by stroking it. syn: hipo-hipo, hapyas 1. (sem. domains: - Actions of the hand, - Lucky, - Touch.)

nakarano ka it matabang isrâ [nakaranô ka it matabáng isrâ] (comp. of rano) say You made a good catch; you struck it lucky; you got a good one, as of marrying a wealthy man (lit. you tame-across a fat fish). (sem. domains: - Lucky.)

palad [pálad] n Fate; luck. palad, kapalaran, hantungan (sem. domains: - Lucky, 4.4.5 - Chance.)

paripa [paripa] v To raffle something. (sem. domains: - Lucky, 4.4.5 - Chance.)

tsamba [tsámba] 1n Chance; risk. Fluck! It's pure luck! It's just happened. tsamba (sem. domains: - Lucky.) 2adv By chance, luck. nagkataón lang (sem. domains: - Lucky.)