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himpit [hímpit] adj Sincere; perfect; whole. sinsero Himpit kag ida pagsalig nak mauulian sida. His faith that he’ll be healed was sincere. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth, - Real.) der. kahimpitan

hugot sa buot [hugót sa bu-ót] (dial. var. huot sa buot) (comp. of hugot, buot) id Sincere; serious about something (lit. tight inner-being). taos sa puso Hugot sa buot kag pag eskwela nida. She was serious about going to school. Hugot sa ida buot kag pagbulig sa ako. Her help to me was sincere. syn: hungor sa buot, hungot 3. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth.)

hungor sa buot [hungór sa buót] id Sincere; wholeheartedly. Hungor sa buot kag ida pagbulig sa amo. Her help to us was sincere. syn: hungot 3, hugot sa buot. (sem. domains: - Determined, - Tell the truth.)

hungot₁ [hungót] 1adj Satisfied with an accomplishment. Hungot sida sa ida trabaho. She is satisfied with her work. (sem. domains: - Enthusiastic, - Happy, - Interested.) 2vi To be, become satisfied with something (as of food eaten, work done, advice given). hungot Nahungot ako sa ida paliwanag tungor sa kapatawaran. I was satisfied with his explanation about forgiveness. (sem. domains: - Happy.) 3adj Sincere; wholehearted. Hungot sa ida buot kag ida bulig sa ako. Her help to me was wholehearted. syn: hungor sa buot, hugot sa buot. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth.)

ingpapakita sa atubangan [ingpapakita sa atubángan] id Openly, brazenly let some action be seen (as of sin). harapang pagpapakita Kada kaaway kag inra mga anak ay ingpapakita sa atubangan ninra kag inra pag-inaway. The reason why their children always quarrel is that they also openly let them see them fighting. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth, - Ashamed, - Obscenity.)

kamatuuran [kamatu-úran] n Truth. katotohanan (sem. domains: - Tell the truth, - True.)

kampi [kámpi] vbt To take somebody’s side; to side with somebody; to be for somebody; to back somebody. kampi Ingkampihan nida kag ida manghor tong makaranó it away. He sided with his younger brother when he got into a fight. syn: kiling 2, apin 2. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth, 2.3.1 - See, - Witness, testify.)

klarong gador [klárong gadór] adj Really true; determined to do something. tutuo talaga Kag siling ni Sally ay klarong gador nak mabuyag sida sa ida asawa nak nagpapangabadi. According to Sally it’s really true that she’ll separate from her husband who’s a womanizer. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth, - True.)

magbisaya it matuor [magbisáya it matú-or] (comp. of bisaya, matuor) v Tell the truth. magsábi ng totoó Nagbibisaya gador kina sida it matuor. She really tells the truth. (sem. domains: - Tell the truth.)

patibay [patíbay] (der. of tibay) v 1To make firm, strong, secure, durable, last a long time (as of a building). (sem. domains: - Hard, firm, - Remain, remainder, 6.5 - Working with buildings.) 2To establish; to make strong, secure, endure, last a long time (as of a business, organization, relationship, somebody's personal faith or strength). (sem. domains: - Hard, firm, 8.4.7 - Continue, persevere, 6.9 - Business organization.) 3To witness; to give firm evidence (sem. domains: - Hard, firm, - Tell the truth.)