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hina hampig [hinâ hampíg] (id. of hina) id Near there; somewhere nearby. (sem. domains: - Near, 4.1.4 - Neighbor.)

kapwa [kapwâ] n Fellow town mate, a person like me in some way. (sem. domains: 4.1.4 - Neighbor.)

karuyon [karúyon] loc Nearby; beside. Boundary of land. kalapit Kag ida tula nak gingkomposo ay magagamit sa mga karuyong lugar. The poems he composed are also used in nearby towns. syn: katupar. (sem. domains: - Near, - Beside, 4.1.4 - Neighbor.)

kayungot₁ [kayúngot] (der. of mayungot) n Neighbor. (sem. domains: - Next to, 4.1.4 - Neighbor.)

kayungot₂ [kayúngot] 1n Neighbor. (sem. domains: 4.1.4 - Neighbor.) 2adj Near; close to kapitbahay, magkalapit Kayungot kag inra bayay sa amo. Their house is near our place. (sem. domains: - Next to, 4.1.4 - Neighbor.)