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hitso [hítso] 1adj Ready-made (as of clothing); all set. yari na Imbakyan si Nena it hitso nak baro. Nena was bought a ready made dress. Hitsoey kag tanan sa simbahan tong aga it kasay ni Rose. On the morning Rose will be married, all the things in church will be ready. (sem. domains: 6.1.6 - Made by hand, 8.1.6 - Whole, complete, 5.3 - Clothing, - Prepare something for use.) 2v To complete, make up to a sufficient amount (as of money). (sem. domains: - Show off, 8.1.7 - Enough, 6.8.6 - Money, 8.1.6 - Whole, complete.)

husto [hústo] 1adv Directly; clearly. Gingsiling sa inra it husto ka mga sikrito it paghahari it Diyos, pero sa ibang tawo, tanan nak bagay ay ako gingpaparayan sa mga parabula. The secrets of the kingdom of God have been told to you clearly, but for the others I’m telling them all things by means of parables. (sem. domains: - Understandable.) 2adj Exactly enough; suitable; fits. kasya, tama Husto kali sa ako. This fits me. syn: igo 1. (sem. domains: 8.1.7 - Enough.)

huytok [húytok] 1adj Full, sated, satisfied, have enough (as of after eating food). busog Kaling apas ay pagkahuytokey ay waya pa natungon it kaon. This child is satisfied already and yet doesn’t stop eating. (sem. domains: - Satiated, full.) 2v To be full, satisfied, have enough (as of after eating food). (sem. domains: - Satiated, full.) 3v To be satisfied, have enough of something (as of foods which had been given or eaten). (sem. domains: 8.1.7 - Enough, - Satiated, full.)

kabos [kabós] 1vi To be short of something such as money or time. kapos Akabuson ka it pamasahe pa Bicol pag imo ingbakay kag kwarta it patabo. You’ll be short of money for fare to Bicol if you spend a lot of your money for gifts. syn: kuli 1, habot 3, kapos 1, masahoy, hirap 1, gipit 3. (sem. domains: - Lack, 8.1.7 - Enough, - Approximate.) 2adj Hard up; pressed for money; short of something; depleted supply of something; inadequate (money and time). Pasensya anay kung imaw yang kali kag amo maibubulig sa imo dahil kabos kami ngasing. Please excuse us that this is all we’re able to donate to you because we’ve not got enough now. (sem. domains: - Approximate.) 3vi To miss a goal, object you are reaching for. Nagkabos kag ida siki pagyukso rotong buho kada sida napayus-ong. His foot missed reaching the other side of the hole so he fell into it. (sem. domains: - Lack.)

makuli [makúlì] adj Shortage of something. (sem. domains: 8.1.7 - Enough.)