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hudot sa liog [hudót sa líog] idiom - Convert to subentry 1To hold, grab tightly by the throat. hawak sa leeg (sem. domains: - Hold, - Actions of the hand, 8.5.6 - Contain, - Care for a baby, - Prevent from moving, 2.1.1 - Head.) 2To have somebody under one’s thumb (fig.) (lit:“held by the neck”). hawak sa leeg Si Inday ay hudot sa liog it ida asawa. Inday is under her husband’s thumb. (sem. domains: - Under, below, - Low status.)

irayom [iráyom] (der. of rayom) 1loc Underneath; under, lower surface of something. ilálim (sem. domains: - Under, below.) 2loc Underground. (sem. domains: - Underground.) 3n Underworld; hell (as of the place of Satan and the evil spirits). (euphemism) (sem. domains: 4.9.6 - Heaven, hell, - Demon possession.) comp. sa irayom it duta , comp. sa irayom it raga , der. pairayom , id. baka makakotkot it damot sa irayom

parugo₁ [parugó] (der. of rugo) v To put in the corner of a room, enclosed place. (sem. domains: - Under, below.)

sa irayom it duta [sa iráyom it dútà] (comp. of irayom, rayom, duta) exp Underground (as of deep underground). [lit: underneath earth/land] (sem. domains: - Under, below, - Underground.)

sa irayom it raga [sa iráyom it ragâ] (comp. of irayom, rayom, raga) exp Under, underneath the soil. [lit: underneath soil/dirt] (sem. domains: - Under, below.)

silong [sílong] 1n Space underneath a house or bed or shelter. Nagtago ka iro sa silong it katri dahil nahadlok sida it mga payupok. The dog hid underneath the bed because he was afraid of the exploding firecrackers. (sem. domains: - Under, below.) 2v To go underneath a tree, roof, etc., to get out of the rain; to take refuge in the shade. silong Waya nako kilaya katong kayaki nak nagpasilong sa amo pantaw. I did not know that man who took refuge from the rain on our porch. (sem. domains: - Rain.)