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istampa₂ [istámpa] 1n A place which can easily be seen; highly visible; obvious. TWO ENTRIES istampa Kag inra bayay ay asa istampa nak gador. Their house is right in a place where people can easily see it. (sem. domains: - Up.) 2v To be directly in line with something; to shine, blow directly on something (as of the sun, wind). tapat Auntie, asing haling gador sa istampa it adlaw kita gigpahuway? Aunty why are we resting here right in the direct line of the sun. (sem. domains: 8.5.5 - Spatial relations.)

itaas [ita-ás] (der. of taas) 1n Something to be raised, lifted up high. (sem. domains: - Lift, - High, - Up.) 2loc To raise, lift a certain thing up high (as of lifting a rope, curtain to walk underneath). (sem. domains: - Lift, - Up.) 3loc To raise one's voice in anger (as of to a higher pitch). (sem. domains: - Angry, - Shout.) 4v To honor, praise, exalt the reputation, name of somebody (as of honoring the king or praising God). (sem. domains: 4.5.5 - Honor, - Praise.) comp. itaas it mata , der. kaitaas-taasan , der. kaitaasan

pabatak [pabátak] (der. of batak) v 1To have something pulled up, upwards by somebody; to have something hauled in by somebody (as of having a fishing net hauled in, an anchor or a child's pants pulled up). (sem. domains: - Pull, - Lift, - Up.) 2To have someone lift up the internal organs in the lower abdomen (as of a traditional medical treatment). (sem. domains: - Lift, - Traditional medicine.)

patukar [patukár] v To go out of town, uphill to the farm; upstream; uphill. salúnga, pabukid Pagkabaligya it inra rayang bundo, nagpatukar sinra. After the root crops they brought were sold, they went uphill to the farm. (sem. domains: - Up.)

patukar-patugbong [patukár-patugbóng] v Up and down as of a road. (sem. domains: - Down, - Up.)