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kida [kidá] v To deduct all at one time. bawas Waya sida it nabaton sa sweldo dahil ingkida nak raan it tindera kag badar sa ida utang. He did not receive any of his wage because the storekeeper deducted the payment for his debt. (sem. domains: - Repay debt, - Owe.)

utang nak buot [útang nak bu-ót] (comp. of utang, buot) n Deep feeling of indebtedness which is strongly associated with gratitude. [Because many people are poor and have either large families or big expenses, they often need to ask others for financial and other help. When this help is given it produces a deep sense of indebtedness in and receiver. If the benefactor later has a need it is expected that those they have helped before will be willing to return that help either with money, produre or service. If this is not done, the person is said to lack the expected sense of indebtedness, which is a very shameful thing in the culture.] (sem. domains: - Owe.)