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kipot [kípot] 1vt To close, constrict around mouth like opening as of an umbrella,seashell, anus of a chicken etc. Pag-abot sa bayay ingkipot nida kag padong. She closed the umbrella when she reached home. (sem. domains: 8.6.4 - Inner part.) 2adj Narrow. 3vi To become narrow; to get smaller; to get closer together (as of a wound, infected eyes, a lamp flame, a road, line of a skirt). Nagkipot kag ida sada pagtaba nida. Her skirt got smaller for her when she became fatter. 4vt To make something narrower. makipot Sinra kag nagkipot it tong karsada. They were the ones who made the street narrower. (sem. domains: - Between.) 5adj Shy. (sem. domains: - Shy, timid, - Ashamed.)