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kiwit [kíwit] 1adj Twisted, crooked appearance (as of a person, weaving). liko, hindi tuwid syn: ngiwi-ngiwi. (sem. domains: - Twist, wring.) 2vi To pull a face; to twist ones face; to be crooked. Nagkiwit kag ida uda tong nagyamhong ka ida ngayos. Her face became crooked when her gums swell. (sem. domains: - Pull, 2.5.3 - Injure.) 3v To pull a face at somebody; to do something crookedly. ngiwi Nahangit tong anak sa ako ag ako’y ida ingkiwitan. The child got angry with me and she pulled a face at me.

kulikoy [kulikóy] 1adj Curved; coiled. (sem. domains: - Twist, wring, - Roll up.) 2vi liko-likó Kag rayan pa Baguio ay medyo nag-kukulikoy ag kakiter kadaay kahahadlok. The road to Baguio is curved and narrow so it’s very dangerous. (sem. domains: - Road, - Bend.)

púgà [púgà] vt To squeeze or wring something (coconut meat, wet laundry). piga Nagpuga sida’t kinurkor nak nidog adong ipanggata. She squeezed the grated coconut to use its milk for a recipe. [The coconut milk after squeezing the meat is called pinuga, or gata. The meat that is left is the pinugaan or sapay.] (sem. domains: - Twist, wring.)