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kunyari [kunyarî] 1vi To profess something that is untrue; to pretend to do something one knows is not true; to be hypocritical. kunwari Nagkunyari si Hudas nak maadong tawo kato yaki sida ay traidor. Judas professed to be a good man but he was a traitor. (sem. domains: - Hypocrite.) 2part Pretending. Kunyari ako ay nagpapanghipir it yamit nak malarga pero sa kamatuoran ay indi ra ako maglarga. I pretended to pack clothes to travel but the truth was I really wouldn’t be travelling. Kunyari yang ra katong pagbuno sa sarili pero sa kamatuoran ay hadlok ra sida nak mamatay. That was just a pretense when he stabbed himself but the truth was he was scared that he would die. (sem. domains: - Hypocrite.)

pakitang tawo [pakítang táwo] adj 1Insincere; hypocritical; pretending; superficial; just to please others. [lit: show person] pakitang tao Ayam ra nimo kung kag bulig it usang tawo ay matuor o pakitang tawo yang. You know whether one’s help is sincere or insincere. Buko maado kung kag ato mga inghihimo bilang Kristiyano ay pangpakitang-tawo yang. It’s not good if our works as Christians are just to please men. (sem. domains: - Hypocrite.) 2Hypocrite; a person who is insincere, hypocritical, pretending, superficial, just pleasing others. [lit: show person] (sem. domains: - Hypocrite.)

pakitang tawo yang kag kabuot [pakítang táwò yang kag kabúot] (comp. of pakita, tawo, yang, buot) id Just pretending to be kind. [lit: show person just kind] Tong inra madrasta ay pakitang tawo yang kag kabuot sa anak it ida asawa. Their steomother hypocritically just look towards the children of her husband. (sem. domains: - Hypocrite.)

pangpakitang tawo [pangpakítang táwo] (comp. of pakita, tawo) id Being a hypocrite, hypocritical. [lit: for-show person] (sem. domains: - Hypocrite.)