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layas₁ [láyas] 1vi To run away; escape. Naglayas kag amo mga uning. Our cats ran away. (sem. domains: - Move away.) 2vt To drive out a person, animal; to cast out evil spirits; drive away evil spirits. layas Apalayason kono kag mga NPA sa banwa nak kato. They say they the NPA will be driven out of that town. Kag albularyo ay maayo magpalayas sa nadedemonyo nak tawo. The witch doctor knows how to drive away evil spirits in persons possessed by demons. (sem. domains: - Leave, - Go, - Move away.) comp. binirahan it layas

pabisong [pabisóng] vi To go to town. pabayan, paluwas Nagpabisong kami it aga pa. We went down to town early. [It is normal that people living in the country on these islands often live on hills or high ground since all the islands have mountains in their centers. So going to town means going downhill.] syn: uli 1.1, balik, sapoy. (sem. domains: - Go, - Way, route, - City.)

pabukir [pabukír] (der. of bukir) v 1To go into the countryside, country (as of hilly country outside a town which may or may not be cultivated).. (sem. domains: - Countryside, - Go.) 2To go up into the hilly countryside, hills. (sem. domains: - Mountain, - Go, - Move up.)

pasaamo [pasa-ámò] (der. of amo) v To become our (excl) possession; to be with us (excl). pasaamin (sem. domains: 9.2.3 - Pronouns, - Go, 8.5.2 - Direction.)

pasaato [pasa-átò] (der. of ato) v To become our (incl) possession; to be with us. pasaatin (sem. domains: 9.2.3 - Pronouns, - Go, 8.5.2 - Direction.)

pasaida [pasa-ída] (der. of ida) v To become his, her possession; to be with him, her. pasakanya (sem. domains: 9.2.3 - Pronouns, - Go, 8.5.2 - Direction.)

pasainra [pasa-ínra] (der. of inra) v To become their (pl) possession; to be with them (pl). pasakanila (sem. domains: 9.2.3 - Pronouns, - Go, 8.5.2 - Direction.)

saka₂ [sákà] v 1To enter a house; to go up the stairs into a house. [Traditionally homes made of bamboo and other native materials were built 2-3 feet above the ground and there were a few steps to go in order to enter the home.] (sem. domains: - Go.) 2To go upstairs; to ascend, climb stairs. (sem. domains: - Move up.) 3To ascend. (sem. domains: - Move up.) 4To intrude, enter a home uninvited. (sem. domains: 4.7.3 - Break the law, - Bad, immoral.) der. pasaka , der. saka-saka

yad-aw₂ [yád-aw] vi To allow to run,graze freely. Always out and about, travelling around, as of a person. gala Inra yang ingpapayadaw katong inra baktin. They just allow their pig to run and roam around freely. syn: wardi-wardi, gala 1, yagadaw 3. (sem. domains: - Go.)

yusob₃ [yúsob] v To come, go down to town. bumaba, pabayan Mayusob anay ako nak mabakay it isra. I’ll down to town first to buy fish. Nagpangyusob kag mga tawo pabanwa. The people went down to town. (sem. domains: - Go, - Come.)