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nunot [nunót] vbt To go with somebody. sama Nagnunot si Jorge kang Emma pa Manila. Jorge went with Emma to Manila. (sem. domains: 7.4 - Have, be with.) id. nagnunot ka ako buot

sunor₂ [sunór] 1conj Then next; following after that. kasunod Sida anay ka ing-anak sunor ay ako. He was born first then I was next. [The sunor derivatives are especially used in genealogies.] (sem. domains: - After.) 22.1adj Then next; following (as of a sequence of events). Nagpagto anay ako kana Linda masunor ay kana Enter. I first went to Linda’s then to Enter’s next. (sem. domains: - After.) 2.2v To follow somebody; to go next. Asunuron nako kag iro kung pariin. I’ll follow the dog to know where it goes. Mauna anay ikaw, masunor ugaling ako. You go ahead, I’ll follow later. (sem. domains: 7.4 - Have, be with, - Next.) comp. sa masunor ugaling