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o₁ [o] part Sf 1Come on! (as of informal polite request which increases urgency [sentence final]). o Hina yaki sinra, o! Oh come on there they are! Buligi baga ako, o. Come on help me please. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, - Insist.) 2Let’s see if (as of a challenge [sentence final]). Buong kag baso o. Let’s see if the glass is broken. (sem. domains: 4.8.2 - Fight, 9.2.6 - Particles.)

sali-sali [sali-sáli] adj To persist (sem. domains: - Insist.)

ungot₁ [úngot] 1v To do something forcefully (as of scolding, pinching, hitting, biting somebody); to force somebody to do something. nagngangalit ang bagang Naguungot pa si Diomedes tong ingbakoy si Imelda it silhig. Diomedes hit Imelda forcefully with a broom. (sem. domains: - Compel.) 2v To want to pinch somebody (as when they are fat, when one is angry). (sem. domains: - Control.) 3n The high pitched cry, tantrum of an angry person that wants something badly. (sem. domains: - Insist.)