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paaman₂ [pa-áman] (der. of aman) 1n A free extra item, bonus given with a purchase. Waya it paaman? Isn’t there one on the house? (sem. domains: - Add to something, - Bargain, - Free of charge.) 2vbt To give something extra for free with a purchase. dag-dag, pahiling Pagbakay nako it itlog sa merkado, ingpaamanan ako it usa. When I bought the eggs at the market, I was given one without charge. Ingpaamanan it tindera it ruhang bilog kag usang kilong kamote nak ako ingbakay. The storekeeper added two pieces of sweet potato without charge to the kilo that I was buying. (sem. domains: - Add to something, - Bargain, - Free of charge.)

paapas [pa-ápas] (der. of apas) 1n A late addition, arrival; something which follows, arrives after something else. (sem. domains: - Add to something.) 2v To hurriedly prepare by adding something later (as of more food for visitors). pahabol Nagpaapas it kaydo si Norma dahil karamong nag-abot nak bisita. Norma hurriedly cooked more rice because many visitors arrived. (sem. domains: - Add to something.) 3v To make somebody follow, go after somebody else; to send something on after somebody. (sem. domains: 7.2.8 - Send someone, - Send.)