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paandar [pa-ándar] (der. of andar) v 1To have to start a motor, engine. (sem. domains: - Beginning, 7.2.4 - Travel.) 2To have to think, stir up one's mind. (sem. domains: - Beginning, 3.2 - Think.) comp. paandara kag isip

paandara kag isip [pa-andará kag ísip] (comp. of paandar, isip) id To turn one’s brain on; to get one’s mind working; to use one's brains; to have to think. gamitin ang isip Ayaey baga gipangutana basta paandara yang kag imo isip kung pauno maggamit it diksyunaryo. Don’t ask question you just turn your brain on to how to use the dictionary. (sem. domains: - Beginning, 3.2 - Think.)