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ariya [aríya] vt 1To loosen, lengthen, let out or unwind a rope, tie or belt. luwagán Ing-ariyahan nida kag higot it baktin. He loosened the rope on the pig. Ariyahi baga ag ibaba kinang angkla para mag-pundo kaling motor. You lower all sails completely and lower also the anchor so this boat will stop. (sem. domains: - Loose, - Rope, string.) 2To lower, let down tarpaulin or a blind so that it hangs like a curtain. (sem. domains: - Roll up, - Lower something.) 3To furl, lower a sail (as of closing, rolling it up). (sem. domains: - Boat, - Roll up.) 4To be overly generous; to keep giving until none is left; to not be able to say no when asked for help. Inaariahan yang nida’t panao kag inra nabaoy nak isra aber kaisotey kag nabilin sa inra. He was overly generous in giving their caught fish to his friends even though so little was left for them. (sem. domains: - Many, much.) comp. ariya imbanda

Enero [Enéro] n January. Enéro (sem. domains: 8.4.1 - Period of time.)

ma-atag [ma-átag] adj Generous. (sem. domains: 4.4 - Prosperity, trouble.)

sa pitsa beynte it Enero (id. of sa) time On 20th January.

banli [bánlì] vbt To sterilize something by pouring on, washing in or with boiling water (as of washing utensils or the entrails of a butchered pig, cow, carabao, etc. in a generous amount of water). magbanlî Nagbanli sida’t mga bituka it baktin. He cleaned with hot water the entrails of the pig. syn: kunla. (sem. domains: - Steps in food preparation.)

kabuutan [kabu-után] (der. of buot) n Kindness; kind, gentle ways; generosity of spirit. kabaitan (sem. domains: 4.3.4 - Do good to, 4.3.3 - Love.)

kabuuton [kabu-utón] (der. of buot) n Kindness; kind, gentle ways; generosity of spirit. kabaitan Kag ida kabuuton kag naudunan it ida nobyo sa ida. Her kindness is what her boyfriend likes in her. (sem. domains: 4.3.4 - Do good to, 4.3.3 - Love.)

maatag [maátag] adj Generous. mapagbigay, hindi madamot Aber istrikto kina si Dulce ay maatag ra kina’g hagaran. Eventhough Dulce is strict she is still generous when you ask her for something.

mahilakon [mahilakón] adj Merciful; generous; kind. matulungin, maawain Mahilakon si Nora sa mga pobre ag nangangailangan. Nora is generous to the poor and the needy.

tagtag₂ [tágtag] vbt To distribute freely, in a generous way (without having been asked); to give away. namigay Nagpanagtag sida it dulse ag tinapay. She gave away candies and bread. (sem. domains: - Share with.)

masyadong [masyádong] adv Very. napaka, sobra Sida ay masyadong atag sa amo. She’s very generous to us. comp. buko masyadong mahadag

panagtag₁ [panágtag] v To give some to each; to distribute. pamigay Karamong mga maatag nak tawo kag nagpanagtag it pagkaon sa mga nalinogan. There are many generous men who gave some food to each of the victims of the earthquake.