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ado [ádo] 1adj Good; excellent; nice; moral (as of the general term for well-made objects, nice people, pleasant weather or successful events). maganda, mabuti Maado kag ida nabaton nak balita. The news that she received was good. (sem. domains: 4.3.1 - Good, moral, 8.3.7 - Good.) 2v To become good or improve (as of an object, feeling or relationship). Aaduhon nako kag yuto agor mamumuot kag ako asawa. I’ll make my cooking good so that my husband will like it. [When ádo occurs with bu-ót the meaning is "to be encouraged" or "to be reconciled with someone".] (sem. domains: 8.3.7 - Good.) 3vi To recover, get well from an illness. Nag-aadoy sida sa ida sakit nak malarya. He’s recovering from malaria. (sem. domains: - Recover from sickness.) comp. maado it buot , comp. maado kag buot , comp. maado ngani , comp. maadong kabubut-on , der. ka-aduhan , der. maado , der. maadoy , der. paado , der. pagka-ado

amamakoy [amamakóy] n Mushroom species which is an edible mushroom that is brown on top and white underneath which is often found under banana palms. kabuti Karamo nak makikitang amamakoy nak nagbuskar sa habig it sapa pag buyan it Agosto. You will see lots of mushrooms growing along the river banks during the month of August. (sem. domains: 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.)

armas [ármas] n 1Military, protective armor (as of the protective clothing worn by a soldier in battle). armas, balutì (sem. domains: - Weapon, shoot.) 2Weapons. (sem. domains: - Weapon, shoot.) der. disarmas

asutiya [asutíya] n Balcony; porch; patio; terrace. Si Romeo ag Juliet ay hagto gikikita sa may asutiya. Romeo and Juliet meet and chat on the balcony. [In Spanish times this applied to an upstairs balcony or verandah but nowadays it is used for an open roofed area even on ground level.] (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building.)

bagtok [bágtok] adj Hard mongo beans that don't soften when cooked. matigas na butil Waya ako’g kaon it tong amo utan nak ginisang mongo dahil karamong bagtok. I didn’t eat our sauteed mongo vegetable because it had so many uncooked mongo beans. (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.)

bakwit [bákwit] v To evacuate, leave with one's belongings (as of when having to leave one's home and take one's belongings e.g. after a break in a marriage or flood disaster etc.). hakutin syn: panangop. (sem. domains: - Move away.) der. pabakwit

balot [bálot] 1n A package; a wrapped item. (sem. domains: - Wrap.) 2vbt To package, wrap something up (as in a gift being wrapped in paper etc.). balutin Ingbalot ninra kag regalo. They wrapped the gift. syn: puros. (sem. domains: - Wrap.)

bayahakan [bayahakan] (der. of bayahak) adj Shouting, yelling, speaking loudly. (sem. domains: - Shout.)

bayos [báyos] 1n Response, reaction, reply, answer (as of to a letter, action or spoken communication). (sem. domains: - Answer.) 2v To respond, react, reply, answer (as of to a letter, action or spoken communication). (sem. domains: - Answer.) 3n Reward; repayment; requital; returned item (as of a positive response and result). (sem. domains: - Pay, - Give, donate.) 4v To reward, repay, requite, return something (as of a positive response and result). (sem. domains: - Pay, - Give, donate.) 5n Revenge; retribution; pay back (as of a negative response and result). ganti (sem. domains: - Revenge.) 6v To take revenge, retribution, pay back (as of a negative response and result). (sem. domains: - Revenge.)

binayahak [binayahák] (der. of bayahak) adj Constant rough, harsh, shouting. Kada nahadlok tong ida mga impleyada ay binayahak sida magsugo. His employees are afraid of him because he commands them harshly. (sem. domains: - Shout.)

bintaha [bintáha] (der. of binta) adj Having, gaining an advantage; advantageous (as of it being an advantage to be well educated, smart or knowing people who can help one financially). mas mabuti, nakakalamang (sem. domains: - Better, - Value.)

bugas nak buti [bugás nak butî] (comp. of bugas, buti) n Puffed, popped rice; rice bubbles (as of sun drying cooked rice before frying it in oil until it puffs). [lit: dried-cooked-rice which-is puffed] boti (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.)

bugaw₂ [búgaw] n Pimp; madame (as of a man, woman who manages, controls women in a brothel or prostitution ring). Sida ay bugaw it kaling mga kabadi hali sa Odiongan. He is a pimp for these women here in Odiongan. (sem. domains: - Sexual immorality.)

bukay [bukáy] n 1Albino (as of a child born with no color pigment in their skin, hair, and eyes, causing them to be very white in appearance.). maputi [Such children are said to have been born of the white ngkánto "bewitching spirits" having relations with human beings. Medically they are born without color pigment in their skin, so their skin and hair are white and their eyes are pale blue. They easily get sunburnt and their eyes are badly effected by the glare of the sun, causing cataracts.] (sem. domains: - Demon possession, 2.5.2 - Disease, 2.1.4 - Skin.) 2Albino, white animals and birds (as of pigs, hens etc. which are born without color pigment in their skin, hair, feathers and eyes. (sem. domains: - Demon possession, 2.5.2 - Disease, 2.1.4 - Skin.)

busikar [busíkar] v To examine, scrutinize, check out objects. Asing imo ingbubusikar kag ako mga gamit sa lamesa? Why do you scrutinize the things on my table? (sem. domains: - Examine.)

buti₁ [butî] 1n Popcorn; puffed rice or rice bubbles (as of cooked grain which is dried then fried till it puffs or pops). (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.) 2v To pop corn, rice (as of cooking then drying the grain before frying it till it puffs or pops). buti Nagbuti sinra tong ida kumplianyo. He popped corn for his birthday. (sem. domains: - Food from seeds, - Cooking methods.) comp. bugas nak buti

buti₂ [butî] (dial. var. buta) 1n A cataract; tirijiam (as of a white growth across the cornea of the eye that may cause blindness). Ingkiskis it doktor kag buti nida sa mata. The doctor scrapped off his growth on the eye. (sem. domains: - Eye, 2.5.2 - Disease.) 2v To have a cataract, tirijiam (as of when having a white growth grow over the front of the eyes). (sem. domains: - Eye, 2.5.2 - Disease.)

butig-butig [butig-butíg] n Disease of a pig's tongue where it has white spots. Butig-butigon kag rila it baktin kada ing-ihaw. The pigs tongue was diseased that’s why they butchered it. (sem. domains: - Animal diseases, - Pig.) der. butig-butigon

butig-butigon [butig-butigón] (der. of butig-butig) adj White spotted (as of the tongue of a pig with a disease). (sem. domains: - Animal diseases, - Pig.)

butik [butík] n Spots (as of on animal skin, fabric etc.). (sem. domains: - Animal color, marking, - Point, dot, - Multicolored.) der. butik-butik , der. butik-butikon

butik-butik [butik-butík] (der. of butik) 1n Spots (as of on animals, fabric etc.). (sem. domains: - Animal color, marking, - Point, dot, - Multicolored, - Color.) 2adj Spotted (as of on animals, fabric etc.). (sem. domains: - Animal color, marking, - Point, dot, - Multicolored.)

butik-butikon [butik-butikón] (der. of butik) adj Spotted; multicolored (as of an animal, fabric etc.). (sem. domains: - Animal color, marking, - Point, dot, - Multicolored.)

butil [bútil] n Small amount, tiny bit of something (as of love). Aber maisot nak butil it paghigugma ay waya ako sa ida. I don’t have any bit of affection for him. (sem. domains: 8.2.1 - Small.)

butingting [butíngting] v To keep on doing something (as of working, pottering around, looking for something). (sem. domains: 9.1.2 - Do.)

butiti [butíti] n Fish species; Common Toadfish which is a small, poisonous, southern puffer fish; swellfish. butiti Bay-a anay kag butíti bag-o ayagaon kag isra dahil nakakahilo kina. Take out the butíti before boiling the fish because it’s poisonous. Tetractenos hamiltoni (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)